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Brock Hall Farm Dairy

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Dutch Mistress

Set in a picturesque location among the stunning Shropshire hills, Brock Hall Farm is home to our treasured herd of Pure Saanen goats.

Having our own herd, producing the milk and making the cheese on site, we at Brock Hall Farm Dairy strive to create the finest, mouthwatering goats cheese. An entirely natural product that reflects our passion and commitment to our animals and to the quality of our cheese.


At Brock Hall, our goats come first.

We know most of our goats by their bleat. All are named and recognised as individuals - each with her own character and special place in the herd. We give every one the very best possible care. And we get back what we put in as clean, healthy, happy goats make the best milk.

Whereas other commercial goat farms often mix one breed with another, we are different. Our pedigree Pure Saanens are all born on the farm and registered with the British Goat Society. Their lineage can be traced to the first import of Saanens from Switzerland and Holland in the 1920's.

Saanens are special animals, bred as much for health and temperament as for their milk. We are constantly seeking to improve the breed in terms of health, conformation and yield. So everything we do is focused on the benefit of our goats, both now and in the future.


Unlike most commercial goats, ours lead natural,
stress-free lives and have daily access to lush Shropshire pasture, hedgerows and clean
country air.

Some cheesemakers might tell you that their goats prefer to lounge about all day in straw-filled barns. We know this is simply not the case.

Our girls get very upset if they see the sun is shining and they're missing out on the fresh air, lush grass and exercise.

Our goats enjoy a varied, natural, active life, in tune with the seasons and this keeps them healthy. On fine days, they graze the lush pastures of our fields and hedgerows. This freedom to roam, combined with a genuine love and unstinting care for these wonderful animals have been proven to improve yield and quality of milk. But most of all, a natural and contented lifestyle guarantees their health and longevity. Every single one of our goats is precious.

Our milk is treated with the same gentle love and respect we give our goats. It travels only a few metres from parlour to dairy. It is not shaken about in a tanker or pumped at high pressure through tubes and pipes.

It is always clean and fresh, enabling the sweet, subtle tastes that only free-ranging goats can produce, to come through into the finished cheese.

By not pasteurising our milk, the natural goodness of the milk is retained, along with its full but subtle flavour.

If the goats are clean (their pens are scrupulously cleaned out daily) all our equipment is clean and hygienic, then it follows that our milk will be clean and without taint; the perfect starting point for excellent cheese.


All our cheeses are made on the farm by hand, using our own fresh goats milk. There is nothing mass-made or factory-like about it. We use slow-processing, traditional methods, allowing the delicate and subtle tang of classic goats cheese to develop over time.

The abiding characteristics of our cheeses are a clean but flavoursome taste, gentle complexity
and excellent texture.

Having our own goats and milking them is labour-intensive. But the trade-off for all this hard work is that we have a herd of healthy and happy Pure Saanen goats, the largest of its kind in the UK.

And the ultimate prize for our efforts? Our range of outstanding artisan goats cheeses whose quality reflects our passion and commitment, and the satisfied customers and friends that delight in them.


A succulent and satisfying, full-flavoured, rindwashed cheese. Ageing brings a depth of flavour and richness, bestowing the universal appeal of a true masterwork.

Winner of 3 Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards 2013 & 2014.
Listed as a Top 50 Food in Great Britain 2013.


The most heavenly goats cheese: delicate yet sumptuously creamy with a velvety, soft texture and light, lemony tang.

Winner of 1 Gold Star at Great Taste Awards 2013.
Winner of a Silver Medal at The World Cheese
Awards 2012.

A fresh, smooth and close-textured, cheese with a citrus complexity - capturing multiple taste and texture viewpoints - both mellow and piquant.

Winner of 2 Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards 2013.
Winner of a Silver Medal at The British Cheese Awards 2012.


A rich, creamy, smooth and flavoursome rindwashed cheese. Only the youngest, freshest milk is used to ensure its simple purity and sweet finish.

Winner of 3 Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards 2012 & 2014.
Listed as a Top 50 Food in Great Britain 2012.
Winner of a Silver Medal at The British Cheese Awards 2013 and 2015.


Winner of 3 Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards 2014.
Listed as a Top 50 Food in Great Britain 2014.
Runner-up in the Great Taste Golden Fork Awards 2014.

A semi-hard cheese with a lively nutty-fruitiness. With a little more sharpness than the mellow Dutch Mistress, this cheese is a 'Joie' to eat.


Chelmarsh, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 6QA

01746 862533

There are often opportunities with us for hard-working people who share our values of passion, attention to detail and unstinting care. Please send an email with your details to

We sometimes have animals available for sale or to go to loving, retirement homes. All our goats are bred for health, vigour, high yield and placid temperament. We often have excellent males available for stud.