semi-hard rindwashed cheese

A semi-hard rindwashed cheese with a golden, orangey coat and a dense, nutty body. It is rich and sweet, with complex, whisky-like notes and a creamy mouthfeel. Winner of 3 Gold Stars at Great Taste Awards 2013 and named as a Top 50 Food in Great Britain 2013.

What does it taste like?

Not as firm and dry as a cheddar but pleasingly springy in texture, Dutch Mistress is a rich, full-bodied and satisfying cheese with an alluring, complex flavour. The recipe is based on a Dutch Gouda but with our own special touches. The mellow, slightly sweet nuttiness of Dutch Mistress is a result of the curd-washing that occurs halfway through the cheesemaking process. As with all our cheeses, you can eat the rind as we brine-wash it every second day to keep it moist and clean.

Perfect with

Dutch Mistress is an incredibly versatile cheese. Impress your friends by making a Dutch Mistress soufflé, create a decadent Welsh Rarebit or use it in everyday dishes as you would a cheddar or a Gouda. On the cheeseboard, Dutch Mistress will charm your friends and family with her buttery texture and satisfying roundedness.


Texture: Semi-hard, dense and rewarding with a full flavour.

Milk: unpasteurised goats milk from our herd of free-range, pedigree Pure Saanens